Holiday Let Buying Guide

Choosing a Spa



Choosing a Spa

Size & Capacity

A general rule of thumb is to have a seat in the hot tub for each guest. Here are our tips:

  • Stick to ‘all-seating’ layouts
  • Round spas can offer more seating
  • Always sit in the hot tub before buying


Hot tubs in commercial settings need to follow HGS282 guidelines. Which means that not all hot tubs can be used. All of the hot tubs we sell will follow these guidelines.

The key points within this legislation is that hot tubs must have a secondary sanitiser, inline sanitiser and adequate flow.

Size & Capacity

There’s nothing worse than arriving at a property with a broken hot tub that won’t stay hot. Here are our tips:

  • Only use cold climate hot tubs

  • Keep the extras & spec low

  • Prioritise build quality


Maintenance Contracts

We have been maintaining hot tubs in holiday lets for over 10 years, with our customers ranging from Sandbanks Property Services to family-owned lodges.

Our team can work with your booking agent to schedule water changes, all for a monthly price or price per booking.


If you live near your holiday or if you have a member of staff working at the property then it may be best to carry out general maintenance in-house. To help your staff we offer training, both in our showrooms and at your property.