Holiday Let Legislation

Adding a hot tub to your holiday let property is a great way to increase bookings and increase your nightly rates. However, there is legislation that you need to follow to ensure the safety of your guests.
This legislation is known as HSG282 ‘The control of legionella and other infectious agents in spa-pool systems’. Here at Wessex Spas, we have taken the time to study the legislation and have tailored our product offering and maintenance contracts in order to comply with HSG282.
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Regular maintenance and cleaning must take place to ensure that all of the safety and cleaning features are functioning correctly. Also, the hot tub should be serviced at set intervals to flush out any contaminants within the pipework

Water Changes

In an effort to reduce the harm to guests the water needs to be changed every guest change. This is usually part of a maintenance contract and is carried out using submersible pumps.

Hot Tub Design

Most of the hot tubs that you see online are designed for private use and often lack the safety equipment needed to be used in commercial environments.

To summarise, the hot tub must have a secondary sanitiser (Ozone), must allow constant filtration and must not have any ‘dead zones’ (areas with no flow).

Chemical Upkeep

The water in all hot tubs must be chemically treated to ensure that there is sufficient sanitisation, limited contaminants and a balanced PH. Hot tubs in holiday properties are no exception. HSG282 states the frequency of testing, the acceptable levels of contaminants and the correct testing methods.